Basic API Requests

Effortlessly Access Yandex Data via Our SERP API

Navigating the vast domain of search engine data requires tools that are efficient, reliable, and user-friendly. Our SERP API, designed to scrape Yandex, is a testament to that.

Setting Up Your Yandex API Endpoint

Base Endpoint: To begin, you'll utilize the primary SERP API endpoint. Every request targeting Yandex should be routed here:

Yandex Specific Endpoint: For exclusively fetching Yandex data, append the necessary parameters to the base URL:<YOUR_API_KEY>&engine=yandex

The API Key

  • What is it?: The api_key is your unique identifier, granting you access to the treasure trove of data within our API.

  • How to Use: Every request made to our SERP API should include this key. It's the golden ticket, ensuring your requests are recognized and processed.

  • Getting Your Key: If you're not already equipped with an API key, it's a straightforward process. Simply register with us and navigate to the SERP API section in the Dashboard to get your key.

  • Usage in Examples: Throughout this documentation, we'll use the placeholder <YOUR_API_KEY> to denote where you should insert your actual API key.

  • Safety First: Your API key is sensitive. It's your access pass, and as with all keys, it's best kept safe. Please ensure it's not exposed in public domains, such as public repositories on GitHub.

Armed with this knowledge, you're now ready to delve deep into the world of Yandex data, harnessing the prowess of our SERP API. Whether you're an SEO maven, a data analyst, or just a curious soul, we're here to make your data extraction journey smooth and rewarding.

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